Installing an EA in the MetaTrader terminal

This is a universal instruction for installing into the MetaTrader trading terminal, forex advisors, indicators and trading systems produced by RobotFor.Trade.

Any trading systems, forex robots, indicators, etc. can work only in MetaTrader terminals for Windows. They do not work in mobile versions of the terminal. On Unix-like operating systems, MetaTrader can be run via Wine. Terminal is not supported on MacOS. But, for the operation of automatic trading systems, forex robots and advisors, it is recommended to use Forex VPS. It is a remote Windows server that is turned on around the clock and connected to the Internet. You can access such a server from any device with any operating system, through a special application that is available for each OS.

After purchasing a trading system, you can download it in the "Purchases" section of your personal account on this site. Each trading system is packaged in a ZIP archive that opens in Windows as a regular folder. Inside the archive there are "MQL4" and "MQL5" folders, or one of them. There may also be other folders in addition.

Zip archive content

In the example above, the zip archive of the DoubleTrader trading system contains the "MQL4", "MQL5" and "templates" folders. The "MQL4" folder contains system files for the MetaTrader 4 terminal, and the "MQL5" folder contains files for MetaTrader 5.

The installation process itself is very easy, by simply dragging and dropping folders with a computer mouse cursor. To do this, open the "Terminal data folder":

MetaTrader data folder

After that, a folder with terminal data will open, which, among others, will contain either the "MQL4" folder or the "MQL5" folder, depending on the MetaTrader version. Now you just need to drag the folder with the same name as in the terminal folder from the zip archive with the trading system to the terminal data folder. You will also need to drag and drop the rest of the folders, if any in the zip archive.

Transferring files to the terminal

When moving folders, a message titled “Confirming Folder Change” may appear. In this case, click "Yes", so the folders will be merged (not replaced) and all the necessary files will be installed in their places.

Now the trading system files are installed in the terminal. In order for them to be displayed in the terminal, either close and reopen it, or right-click on the "Expert Advisors" heading in the "Navigator" window of the terminal and select "Refresh".

Refresh EA list

This completes the installation of the trading system in the MetaTrader terminal. In the "Navigator" window, in the list of advisors, the RFT subfolder (abbreviated as RobotFor.Trade) is displayed, and this folder will contain all trading systems from RobotFor.Trade that will be installed in the terminal.

After installing the trading system, you need to start it up. To do this, open the chart of the required currency pair in the terminal MetaTrader and set the required time-frame for this chart. After that, you just need to drag the trading system onto this chart from the "Navigator" window. Also, you can simply double-click the left mouse button on the name of the system in the "Navigator" window and it will be installed on the currently active chart.

When you first install it on the chart, the trading system settings window will open, which can be opened later by pressing the F7 key, or through the context menu, which is opened by right-clicking on the chart. Set the settings according to the instructions for the current trading system and click the "OK" button. After that, the system will immediately start working.

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