Licensing system

In the input settings of each software product for forex trading, from the RobotFor.Trade company, there is a "License ID" field. For the program to work in the MetaTrader terminal, you need to specify your personal license identifier in this field. You can find it out on the "Purchases" page of your personal account, on this website.

License ID

License ID must be entered when you first start the program in the trading terminal MetaTrader. After that, when installing the program on other charts, you no longer need to enter the License ID, since the terminal remembers it. For the program to work in the strategy tester, you also first need to install the program on the chart in order to activate the current trading account, if this has not already been done. In the strategy tester, you do not need to enter License ID in the program settings.

To correctly enter the License ID in the program input settings, copy it in your personal account, in the "Purchases" section. Then paste it into the "License ID" field on the "Inputs" tab of the EA. To copy the License ID, you can click the green "Copy" button to the right of the identifier. If copying was successful, the icon will appear on the button . If your browser does not support such copying, an icon will appear on the button . In this case, simply select the identifier with the mouse and press the Ctrl + C keys, or copy it by calling the context menu by pressing the right mouse button. To insert the identifier into the program settings, double-click on the "License ID" field and press Ctrl + V.

Enter License ID

If the License ID is entered correctly, the program will start working immediately after clicking the "OK" button in the settings window. If errors occur, a message with their description will appear. For example, this:

License ID checking error

In this case, the "MAX_ACC" error code indicates that you have already activated the program on the maximum available number of trading accounts. To solve this problem, you can delete unnecessary trading accounts in the "Purchases" section, or purchase additional trading account cells for each individual product. For other errors, please contact our technical support.

In case of successful activation, the trading account will be displayed in the "Purchases" section.

Manage license IDs

Important: for the licensing system to work, you need to add the server to the list of allowed terminal URLs (menu 'Tools' - 'Options'):



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