The ProfitLocker EA: How to earn a stable 20-50% per month in trading, starting today?

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In our time of the universal transition of human activity in online space, earnings on the Internet becomes a pressing, affordable and familiar business.

One of the most popular ways to online earnings is trading in the international forex market Foreign Exchange. Currency trading is available to each person who has a computer connected to the Internet. This is one of the few kinds of online activities that can make a profit on an ongoing basis.

Choosing trading as a source of profits, you have two ways. The first is to devote at least one year of learning and continuous practice of manual trading currencies. The second is to purchase a professional program - forex robot, which will analyze the market around the clock and make a profitable transaction. The costs of monetary and temporary resources in the first case are incommensurable and not appropriate before the advantages of the second method.

Automatic trading system ProfitLocker is the best professional trade solution in full automatic mode. The system embodies high security and profitability, intellectual protection and growth of the deposit, ease of management and maintenance.

Control panel
ProfitLocker EA Control Panel

Why traders choose profitlocker:

  • Begins to earn immediately after installation on the currency chart. It goes into the market, takes the situation under its control and immediately launches the process of profit.
  • The highest security class A++. Several mines of the intellectual protection of the deposit provide secure trading in fully automatic mode.
  • Fast payback even on accounts with small deposits. Active trade in four directions on a professional strategy with Lok-Orders gives a large amount of deals and quick results on fixing profits on the balance sheet.
  • Full automatic. You do not need to understand the settings and optimize the parameters - ProfitLocker full automatic and is configured under the current market situation.
  • Optimal deposit load. ProfitLocker loads the balance of the trading account so that all means are used as optimally and their part did not lie ballast, while the load does not exceed the safe level.
  • Scalable profits. Part of the profit you take, the other part remains on the account, so the deposit is growing and allows the use of large amounts of deals, thereby constantly increasing the turnover and profit. And so in a circle, you constantly take profits, plus constantly increase its number per unit of time.
Profit growth chart
ProfitLocker EA Profit growth chart with an increase of 20-30% per month.

This is a chart for the growth of the deposit as a result of the work of the ProfitLocker EA on the EURUSD currency pair. So the system works on all recommended currency pairs. Deals on Forex open and close around the clock, along with them around the clock the balance of the trading account is increasing.

You can start using the most advanced technologies today, which will take a piece of multi-billion dollar turnover of the Forex market and put it on the balance of your trading account, around the clock and in the full automatic mode.

Every day outside the Forex market is a missed real profit. Money always find its owner, but they only go to the one who takes the steps towards them towards. Make your step towards financial well-being. Buy ProfitLocker EA and start making money online right today!

Automatic trade system of the new generation "ProfitLocker", technical details:

  • Trading Terminal: MetaTrader 4 and MetaTrader 5 (provided by a Forex broker).
  • Minimum deposit: from $10 on a cent trading account, or from $1000 on a dollar account.
  • Profitability: 20% -50% per month.
  • The main currency pairs: EURUSD, USDJPY, USDCAD, AUDUSD.
  • Timeframe: H1.
  • Lifetime free updates and new versions: Anytime is available for download in your account.
  • Free professional advice and technical support from qualified specialists in the field of automatic trading.
  • Works with any Forex brokers on any types of accounts with 4 and 5-valued digits quotes. Recommended broker (highest profitability + autorebate): Forex4You
  • Online manual

How to start making money on the international foreign exchange market:

  1. Purchase ProfitLocker EA on this page in two clicks.
  2. Open a trading account at Forex-broker.
  3. Install the MetaTrader terminal and install ProfitLocker in it.
  4. Press the "Start" button on the control panel and start making a real-time profit.
АТС "ProfitLocker"
Reliability class A++

Usual price: 149.9 USD

Price today: 129.9 USD

When buying today, get bonus: 10 USD

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АТС "ProfitLocker"
Reliability class A++

Usual price: 149.9 USD

Price today: 129.9 USD

When buying today, get bonus: 10 USD